September 18, 2021

2 thoughts on “Who’s up for a book burning?

  1. A conundrum for sure. As a reader I would not hesitate to receive a copy. I got What Next just today. I don’t see why you can’t offer them on Goodreads with the same explanation. I see it all the time. But if you feel the difference between them is too great for your own peace of mind I can’t think of anything other than donating to charity – which is really no different than the Goodreads option, except that on Goodreads the winners would have the whole story (pun intended). The thing you cannot do is burn them 😛 Sorry, not much help but at least another take on the subject, or the same take, written in other words 🙂
    Best luck!

    1. Funny, but I was considering the Goodreads option. It would require a healthy explanation of my position, but the book is fully readable. Something to consider, but I’m in no immediate rush.

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