Who is taking all my stuff?

Who is taking all my stuff - I'm pretty sure I was here first and yet all these bandwagoners are raiding my sources!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I was here first. Somehow, the bandwagon came by and picked up a heck of a lot more people than ever. And that leaves me sad and bereft as I let out the mournful cry of “who is taking all my stuff?”

I’ve got the bonafides to back me up

Just check out this blog. Because that’ll prove it.

Across the 11 years I’ve been producing these gems (shush!), various posts have been peppered with references to my love of, and lifelong addiction to, puzzles.

I was doing jigsaws before I could read and, once I could read, I was doing crosswords as well.

50+ years, ladies and gentlemen, so, yeah, I was here first.

Pandemic popularity

So now, with so many people stuck at home, what do they all of a sudden find an interest in? Yeah, jigsaw puzzles.

Bah! Go binge some TV shows or play video games. Why you gotta get in my niche and why are you taking my stuff?

Celebrity lemmings are taking my stuff

That’s right, I’m calling out the celebs and their followers.

Posting all their jigsaw puzzling on social media as if it never existed before the pandemic. Of course, in this world of follow the leader, droves of people now all of a sudden think puzzling is cool and not some fogey pastime.

Forget toilet paper, we’re running out of jigsaw puzzles!

Because manufacturers didn’t expect bandwagons full of people ordering jigsaw puzzles. I mean, the demand is pretty predictable among the genuine fans (read: me and my ilk).

But, nooo, now you have all these sports and entertainment celebs and then the nouveau puzzlers who think it’s chic. Bah, I say, bah!

If you go on Amazon or Walmart now, for two examples, there is practically no supply. And resellers are treating puzzles like Van Gogh or Picasso paintings. C’mon, man!

Who is taking all my stuff?

I know who. It’s probably you. Or you. Or maybe all of you.

Sure, now you think jigsaw puzzling is cool. Once you get let outside again you’ll toss it away like a jilted love interest. But, true lovers like myself are sitting forlorn.

Who is taking all my stuff? I do hope it’s not you. Because I like you. Don’t make that turn into “used to”.