Wait until next year

next yearHeh.

It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already percolating ideas for next year’s display.

I parked the car in a guest spot so I could check out this year’s layout to make sure it’s offering maximum effect as kids/parents walk by/up. As I gazed on my open driveway, I was taken by how much space was unused. I mean, it’s a two-car driveway.

Thoughts began forming. I was especially inspired by the black mulch this year. I envisioned I could buy extra bags and encroach upon my driveway on both sides. That would still leave me enough room to park my car, but would increase the display area by close to 100 square feet.

What could I do with that much additional space?

One thought immediately came to mind. You must have heard of, seen or visited a birthday party for a kid where they had a petting zoo. I got the idea to create a “Deading zoo”. Picture this: inside a fenced area, a variety of skeleton animals, moving about or making noises. Check out the variety that are for┬ásale even at places like CVS.

Of course, to make this a reality, I’m going to need to scarf up a few during Halloween discounting time, otherwise it could cost my whole decorating budget to buy all the animals. Still, I think it will look awesome!

And that’s just on one side of the driveway. I’ve got a whole year to come up with an idea for the other side.

One idea I may have to use immediately is changing the power source. Some eerie feeling woke me early from my sleep that night I mentioned before and I found all the lights were out. Of course, that also meant the inflatables had lost their air. Bummer.

When I was on a walk yesterday, I noticed a house down a side street all lit up. I eagerly went to check and they had a great collection of inflatables as well as a floodlight-illuminated grave site. What most interested me was how they powered the whole thing.

The house had several heavy-duty extension cords, which is not newsworthy, but the cords led into the house. I was surprised, in these bug-filled times, that they risked ajar doors or windows (no, I don’t worry about criminals).

I think, at least for Halloween night, I will adjust my massively long extension cord on the north side of the house to use a socket within my house rather than the outside outlet. It’s critical to make sure the display does not trip a fuse in the middle of the big night.

Sure, I might get a few more bugs in the house, but considering the party on the patio with the sliding doors open all afternoon and evening, it’s not like I could tell the difference. Plus, I can always unplug the thing before going to bed. That will just make clean-up quicker the next morning.

This year’s outdoor display is great and I’m happy how it turned out, make no mistake, but just you wait until next year!