June 23, 2021

2 thoughts on “Uncivil war

  1. Sorry, Jeff, but I disagree. Things are past the time for giving Trump a chance. He made himself very clear during his campaign and has done little since he was elected to indicate differently. He ignores all customary standards of behavior in his position. I believe we are headed for an authoritarian state. Be very afraid!

    1. I would say if I had one fear it would be that, the thought that a country can be run like a business, which, by definition is at best an oligarchy and often an autocracy.

      My belief is that the combination of “Never Trumpers”, old line republicans and democrats in Congress will be enough to prevent any dangerous changes.

      Radical changes, unfortunately for more than half the voters, will likely be forthcoming. I am concerned they will not be in the best interests of the nation, but I refuse to concede hope.

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