Turtle healing

turtle-healing“Age is only a number”

Heh. Humans say the funniest things.

During my morning stretching exercises prior to walking, I realized my lower back was not hurting me any more. This was the first time since Halloween clean-up that I didn’t feel any pain there.

It occurred to me that was a long time for it to stick around and annoy me. Then I considered some other factoids, all from this year and I revised my opinion.

I’ve mentioned before my sore wrist, injured setting up Halloween and exacerbated during the ensuing week. It’s still painful, though no longer waking me up during the night. Circumstances prevented me from bowling this past Friday and that was probably as helpful as anything in assisting the (still) not-healed wrist.

Just as the ankle I turned during my birthday BBQ back in May still gives me problems. Obviously, the “turn” was more than a simple ankle roll as it has not yet fully healed or, worse, healed badly.

Over the course of my life, I have developed a well-honed positive attitude that has prevented any mental scarring through the triumphs and tragedies that all people eventually encounter.

If there is a “down side” to being positive, it is that it can create a naivety or denial towards anything detrimental. Such as injuries. And aging.

Though I’m still committed to returning to long walks, I find the ankle being quite a drag even at only five miles. I am still using the mouse right-handed and babying the left wrist.

Six months for an ankle and nearly a month for a wrist. Age has slowed my healing to turtle speed (not to be confused with how fast turtles actually heal, which, as I researched, appears a bit faster than me).