Time traveling with Facebook

A little over seven years ago, I was preparing to publish my first book. Everything I had read as well as my publisher said I needed a web presence. So, I created this website and also a Facebook page. What was needed was regular content and what I decided on ultimately has me time traveling with Facebook.

To get from then to now, let me set the stage a bit.

The website

This was an obvious decision. I needed to have a “home base” where people could learn about my books and future works.

Knowing nothing about website creation, I did some research and settled on the company I use today for the creation and hosting of my site.

According to my reading, the key to an active site was having regular content. I had two things going for that: constant updates on my writing projects and my blog.

The Facebook page

At the time, I didn’t put any images in my blogs. There was just so much going on, I never felt like I needed to add any “oomph” to the ramblings.

Facebook was another matter, though. The page was mostly barren, except for my linked blog posts. Not only was the page mostly unknown, but it was visually boring.

The idea

Long ago, during those days when there were actual bookstores, people used to give me books for gifts. One particular time, I received a book called “Quotationary”.

This was a huge tome of (wait for it) quotes based on individual words. I decided what I could also do on my Facebook page was to post a quote each day and add an image that kinda/sorta represented the quote.

The work week

Immediately, I knew that trying to do both blogging and quoting every day was way over the top. And, remember, this was during the period when I was still writing Book Two of Jeremy Shuttle Adventures.

So, I limited myself to the “classic” workweek: Monday through Friday.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook doesn’t tell you how many posts you’ve made over your history, so I don’t have any idea how many quotes I’ve put up through my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures page.

But, I’m betting over the course of seven years, it’s a lot.

And. because it’s a lot, I had to come up with a way not to repeat myself (or the quotes). I chose to employ Occam’s Razor, more commonly known as simplest is best.

I started with “A” and kept going through the book until I reached “Z”. Then I would start back at the beginning again and rinse and repeat. (I wonder if any of you ever noticed)

Of course, that was only the posting methodology. In order to not use the same quote again, I had to look back to the last post for that word.

Currently, that has me back in the summer of 2015. Interspersed with the quotes are tales of my Great North American Baseball Road Trip.

It’s one of the most entertaining parts of ensuring I don’t repeat the same quote – I get to review whatever was going on in my life at that time (that I was willing to post on Facebook).

One day, I suppose, I will finally use up all the quotes in the book (seven years and going strong, though). Until then, I can continue time traveling with Facebook.