Thinking bad thoughts

Nah. Just not interested.

I’m on day 6 of “backgate”. the mysterious malady that’s disabled my lower back since right before my birthday BBQ and these several days after.

During that time, I received numerous suggestions of what to do. Some people suggested advanced therapeutic aids, others medical specialists, still others meds.

In reply to all of them, I said I simply needed time. I had injured my back in a similar way some eight or nine years ago and what ultimately cured it was just the passage of days.

The length of time being consumed by my healing is longer now, a fairly obvious reminder that I’m not as young as I was. But, no matter where my level of pain was at (and it was fierce in the first four days), I never let my thoughts go bad.

I never even had the idea of letting my thoughts go bad. I just don’t think that way.

Years ago, when my Dad was up against it, suffering a blood poisoning incident after a possibly poorly sterilized operation, there were critical setbacks, including needing emergency dialysis.

Call it wishful thinking. Call it refusing to face reality. Call it denial. I never considered that Dad wasn’t going to make a full recovery. First, I truly believed he would be fine. Second, what would be the point of thinking otherwise?

To that matter, why would anyone want to think otherwise? When things get tough, what benefit is there to thinking the worst?

I’ve stated many times, I’m a practical realist. If something is patently evident, I don’t fight it or sugarcoat it. During my recent bowling league, there were obvious times a teammate or myself was not going to get a spare. I didn’t foolishly pretend to disbelieve the stark reality of physics.

But, my Dad in treatment or my back in pain are merely conditions, which means they are conditional. I have no oracular powers to see the future, but there is no reason I have to assume the future is going to be bad. That would be a sucky way to go through life.

And what do you know, Dad made a full recovery without health repercussions. Just as I expect I will with my back.

I don’t ignore bad things that exist or need to be addressed, but I don’t imagine bad things that haven’t happened or worry about the “worst that could happen”.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst? That’s safe advice for hurricane season. Think about what my life would be like if my home is destroyed? That’s thinking bad thoughts.

And thankfully, that’s something maturity and wisdom has long since cured me of.