Spud Month Week 1 – GRP

Then, suddenly, I have a life. Okay, not really, but it resembles one, at least. Still, I’ve managed to “find” enough time in my day to continue my cooking challenge. As you might remember from an earlier post on here, May is Spud Month. So, with only a little more preamble, I bring you Spud Month Week 1 – GRP.

But preamble there shall be! I was supposed to dine with my family for lunch today. I forgot and now have ATT coming out from 1:00 to 3:00. More on that next week.

If ATT can finish in a timely manner, I am going to have dinner with a friend this evening. That means, no testing/enjoying the newly installed ATT service. I wonder if it will be up to snuff. ATT, that is, not dinner with my friend.

After that, I will begin my (likely) protracted separation and billing fight with Comcast. More on that next week.

And then, Sunday is elder nieceling day. We will be spending most of it watching Avengers: Infinity War, where the most significant battle may be between me and my bladder (the movie is 2 hours 40 minutes!). Nothing on that next week, for which I’m sure you’re relieved.

But, now we can move on to Spud Month Week 1 – GRP!

The Adventures of Spud Month!

As mentioned, I talked about changing things up a bit for May. Basically, I’m going to be cooking a new potato recipe each week this month. This should take me all the way up to my annual birthday BBQ. One of my new attempts will be included in this year’s menu.

So, GRP stands for garlic roast potatoes. It’s a simple enough recipe. It’s also a treat. A kind of crossover from breakfast home fries and dinner new potatoes.

The “tough” part was picking the potatoes. Should I get regular red potatoes or the “mini” red potatoes? Either way, I was going to have to do some slicing.

The recipe calls for 3 lbs. of potatoes. The mini potatoes bag is exactly 3 lbs. The regular potatoes bag is 5 lbs. And, to confuse me further, the regular bag is $2 cheaper than the smaller one.

So, even though 3 lbs. is clearly more than I need, I can’t resist a bargain. Maybe I can use the extra potatoes in another recipe this month…

The rest, of course is easy. Wash the potatoes. Slice the potatoes. Mix EVOO, minced garlic, parsley, pepper and salt and then bounce the potatoes around in the mix until coated.

Lay those spud pieces on some parchment paper, fire up the oven at 400° and flip ’em every 15 minutes for 45 minutes.

Of course, this being me, there were just a few little oopsies involved.

Such as, I don’t really have a proper bowl to “shake and bake” these potatoes. (Darn, just writing that I realized I could have done all this in a Ziploc bag…wotta maroon!)

So, I took my biggest mixing bowl and dumped ’em in there. Problem is, it’s a ridged plastic bowl with no top and plastic that Saran doesn’t stick to. Meh. It was awkward, but I made it happen.

Then, in one of those brain-freeze moments, when I went to shut off the timer at the first flip, I apparently also shut off the oven. Duh. So, yeah, another 15 minutes had to be added.

But, final result of Spud Month Week 1 – GRP? Excellent! The spudettes crisped up nicely and the seasoning (as ever, I went for more garlic than called for) was great!

So, off to Spud Month Week 2 – SPAG! More on that next week.