So tired of all the excuses

So tired of all the excuses. It's time to get off my butt and get busy, starting with the round thing developing above my waist.

Nah, this isn’t a post about the poor response to covid-19. If nearly 100,000 deaths hasn’t frustrated you already, my itty-bitty blog isn’t going to make a dent. Instead, we’ll turn to an all-too frequent topic here – me – and how I finally got so tired of all the excuses.

Well, excuse me

At least, that’s what I’ve been doing since long before the pandemic. It’s not a particularly new issue, it’s just one I’ve allowed too much free rein. And, like weeds in a yard, that freedom has now made the task so much harder.

The task, you ask? Getting back outside and walking — and thus reducing this ever-widening testament to my excuses.

But, it’s too cold

First up, as always, is the temperature excuse.

Yeah, I pull out this one every year as soon as I can. The temperature drops below 70 and all of a sudden, I can’t walk. It’s too cold.

Now, I really do have an issue with cold (I’ve addressed this in previous posts), but, except for a few weeks, South Florida has no real abusive cold. Putting on a long sleeve shirt and some warm up pants should be enough.

Unless you’d rather use it as an excuse.

Oh my, look at the weather

Yeah, that’s the one I used recently. We’ve had some freakish weather over the last week. I believe we’ve actually had a day or two where it rained 24 hours straight. I mean, it got bad enough for the National Hurricane Center to put an “X” on their map, so it’s not just hyperbole.

Now, sure, not all that rain is a downpour, but plenty of it was. That part is a reasonable concern, since I like to walk with the iPhone and wireless earbuds. I’m never quite sure if “waterproof” really means “water resistant”.

Yes, I could solve one problem by putting the iPhone in a Ziploc. But the earbuds are another thing. And, it’s not like I can open the bag and stick ’em in with the iPhone. Rain in Florida rarely is that patient.

Nevertheless, rain is an intermittent (usually) and weak excuse.

The heck with it, I’m going

But, since the headline is about being tired of excuses, the news is that I started up walking again. And there are some tidbits that go with that.

First, I started last week with a mild 2-mile walk, telling myself not to press too hard after such a long layoff.

Get outta here with that lame excuse! At my peak, I was walking 10 miles in summer heat with a loaded backpack. That was only five years ago.

So, I moved up to 3-miles the next day. No problems, no extreme aches. Duh.

Now, a case could be made to be moderate in my walk lengths based upon the weather, but I’ve even tried to boot that excuse, too. Yesterday I fully dressed and laced up in plans to go walking despite a miserable radar picture. Sadly, the radar won that day, as I couldn’t even get past my driveway before the drops started greeting me.

Excuse me, I’m walking here

Today was a similarly bad radar, but I did the deed once more. And what do you know, I got the walk done with nary a drop to annoy me.

However, there was some annoyance. As I neared the final curve on my way home, I noticed a couple a few hundred feet away, walking side-by-side.

I continued my pace, on the right side of the walking path (a path that is about 4-5 feet wide) and carefully watched. Neither person made any move to shift to single file.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, walking or jogging without a mask is fine as long as you exhibit some courtesy to others along the way. I don’t wear a mask, so I step a foot or two off the path to ensure a full 6 feet when I pass anyone.

As we got less than 100 feet away, I tried to make a sweeping gesture with my hand to encourage the people to move into single file. They were staring right at me, but made no notice of the gesture.

Sure enough, at about ten feet, they still didn’t move. So, I went far into the grass (soaked from rain) to give the proper spacing. It’s possible I may have voiced some displeasure for their stubbornness as I passed them. Unless you have a recording somewhere, however, we’ll call that speculation.

I think a blog post about courtesy will be showing up on this blog sometime soon, though. This pandemic has certainly exposed some lack thereof.

So tired of all the excuses

And there you have it. I’m back walking. Dodging rain drops and health risks alike.

It’s a multi-benefit exercise. I’ve mentioned it before. My blogging is directly related to how much walking I do. As you’ve seen (or not seen, to be more accurate), my blog posts have been at a virtual standstill. Just like me.

Now, after finally being so tired of all the excuses, I’m back to a semblance of normalcy in this otherwise abnormal time.

Feels good. Also, expect to “see” more of me here going forward.