September 16, 2021

2 thoughts on “So tired of all the excuses

  1. I walk 3 miles most days. Now that the Texas heat and humidity is common in the mornings I have been getting out earlier and earlier in a futile attempt to avoid it. What you describe about others failing to yield spacing is quite common here. I pull up my cloth mask as a form of virtue signaling to let them know I am one of “those” but it makes no difference.

    Taking the walks is a main source of exercise since I have no intention of returning to the gym anytime soon. I listen to podcasts to keep from being bored during the walks,

    1. Yep, I usually listen to talking heads for the initial part of the walk and then when they start to get repetitive or boring, I switch to music.

      Since I’m up at 5 am every day, my walks generally take place between 6-6:30 am, which limits both traffic noise and human traffic. The unmoving couple was disappointing, but not dispiriting.

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