October 20, 2021

3 thoughts on “Showering me with warm light

  1. Jeff,
    Since you like it warm, why not just use a small space heater? For fun you could also fill a bucket with hot water before you shower and submerge the shampoo bottle while you are waiting for the bathroom to warm up to take the chill off the shampoo. At the same time you could also soak a rag to have a hot towel for after a shave. Just sayin…

    Have a happy & toasty holiday!

    1. Sound suggestions both, Scott!

      My “master” bathroom is rather small, actually. It’s hard to picture a place for a space heater, even a small one, that won’t be a tripping hazard…especially for me with my inherited genetic super-klutz factor.

      That shampoo idea is neat, but is likely defeated by my laziness factor (not genetic; all me). I remember back in my youth there were these electric heaters for shaving cream. That was on the theory that hot shaving cream worked better than cold, but that was also when shaving cream resembled whipped cream vs. some of the gel-based ones of today.

      In any case, love the ideas, but it looks like toasty halogen is my end-solution to this chilling problem.

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