Shoestring budget

shoestringIt might just feel like “clothing week” here on the JMD blog and that has to have you all aquiver with reading excitement!

Sometime today (thanks to Amazon Prime 2-day free shipping – free plug!), I will receive my decision for hiking shoes.  After some research and some actual foot-testing fits, I have decided on a pair of Merrell Moab Ventilators.

They’re my choice because I wanted a shoe for the summer, for mostly trail work and for some versatility for non-hiking activities.  They look good, they seem to feel good and they’re priced…well…I guess they’re priced good.

In truth, these are the most expensive shoes I’ve ever purchased that didn’t say Florsheim on them (yeah, I’m that old).

It’s not that I’m cheap, I’m just practical.  I can’t see why a $140 pair of tennis sneakers will add more improvement to my game than my current $80 tennis sneaks.  If I need a pair of casual boat shoes, I’m fine with Payless.   With the way I knock around, whatever designer logo that would be on them will be obscured in short time.

But, when you buy a “type” of shoe, you pay more.  So, “tennis” sneakers cost more than “sneakers” and hiking shoes cost more than, well, everything but my dress shoes.

Which is why, for my budget and my rationalizing mind, I’m glad these shoes can be used for more than hiking.