Recipe for a goody bag

goody bag recipeJust returned from Dollar Tree (yay, a real $1 store!) and will now spend the rest of the afternoon/evening making goody bags for Friday.

Seeing as this will be all I have planned (maybe peeking at the World Series and Heat opener while working), I thought I could share my “recipes” for an excellent Halloween goody bag.



1 plastic bag, Halloween character

1 package comic books (10)

1 stuffed animal (Halloween)

1 toy (allow to age as needed)

1 magazine

1 package baseball cards (can substitute 1 candle as gender required)

1 squishy flashing item (can substitute glowing bracelet/necklace as required)

1 bag candy (4 pieces), preferably Hershey’s assortment



Place all ingredients in bag

Keep at room temperature

Serve to anyone who bangs on your front door while shouting loudly


Special notes:

Recipe can be used to serve those with special dietary needs.  Suggest replacing squishy item and candles with coloring books and crayons as required.