No more weekends off

weekends offOver the five years and many hundred of blog posts on my website, I’ve held to a fairly regular irregular schedule.  I work a daily blog for as many as all five weekdays and take the weekends off.

I haven’t posted every day, as I have to find something that interests me to post first (if I only posted stuff that interested you, that would be even fewer posts).  But, for the most part, I’ve posted more than once in every week for the last 250+ weeks.

Excluding weekends.

Well, there were some occasions when something momentous occurred and I felt compelled to post, but I doubt there were more than a handful of those in five years.

Alas, my time off ends shortly.

With the coming of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip, I have committed to a long list of reporting and commenting duties associated with this stupendous and life-changing journey.

I’ll be taking pictures a lot.  Yes, that’s a relative term for someone who doesn’t take pictures at all, but grant me the hyperbole.  I’ll also be using social media more (we’ll get to that tomorrow) and finally, I am going to make sure I really fill all of you in on what’s going on by doing daily blogs.  Every day.  Even Saturday and Sunday.

After all, it’s not like I’m taking time off during the GNABRT on the weekends, so how can my chronicling take a day off?

Of course, this assumes that each location provides me (a) time and (b) internet connectivity.  I’ve deliberately chosen hotels away from the least accessible stops (the various national parks come immediately to mind).  I hope that I’ll not be too tuckered to manage a decent and comprehensible blog post (or as comprehensible as any of my posts have been).

I’m expecting all these blog posts to pull double duty.  They will be the backbone of the book I plan on writing about my adventures on the GNABRT, giving me added motivation and reason to stop taking weekends off.