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Current News

GNABRT becoming novelized!July 26, 2019

The outline is done and the writing starts shortly. Actual completion date is undetermined as is publishing details. But we thought we’d get this out here now, since it’s the first new news (say that three times fast) in four years!

Past News

JMD And Jeremy Hit The Road!April 15, 2015

Crisscrossing North America to take in a baseball game at all 30 MLB baseball parks, I’ll be driving the trip solo with Jeremy stashed away in the trunk (don’t worry, he’s had practice).

You can follow the trip at Twitter #GNABRT and on this blog. Check out the road map and if you want a close encounter, fire me off an email before I hit your area.

The series is complete!March 18, 2014

Jeremy Shuttle’s adventures have come to a close in the rollicking final book, What Now? All three books in the series are now up for sale in both paperback and e-book formats. Check out the links on the “Books” page to get your copy!

What Now is at he publisher!January 14, 2014

The final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy is complete and so is the trilogy! Questions will be answered, mysteries revealed and a wild ride is promised to all. Look for your copy at your favorite online book location sometime in late January!

Grab a free copy of What Next!December 16, 2013

The build-up for the release of the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures continues with the next giveaway on Goodreads. Enter to win a free copy of What Next? by clicking the link on the HOME page!

What Now? is out for review!December 4, 2013

All the editing is done and now the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy is out to a select group of readers for their thoughts. In the past, these readers have offered keen insights or suggestions that have helped improve the books, so I’m looking forward to their input and releasing “What Now?” next month!

Grab a copy of What if? in the Goodreads giveaway!November 15, 2013

Building up in anticipation of the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy (expected in January), there will be promotions at Goodreads over the next two months. Check out the books there and enter to win!

It’s Official!October 11, 2013

The first draft of What Now? is done! Editing will begin later this month and the book is still on track for publication by year-end.

Conversion of the website is completeOctober 4, 2013

That means that I’ll be able to provide updates more frequently and throughout the website.  On the HOME page, the BOOKS page, well, basically, EVERY page.  Good timing, too, since Book 3 (What Now?) is just about done in first draft.

Summer is in full swing…July 10, 2013

…and so it writing on the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, What Now?

Coming Soon… The Big Birthday Giveaway Contest!May 6, 2013

Coming in May… April 10, 2013

…our first ever giveaway to readers of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures. Check back as details are released throughout this month, but I can tell you now that it will be a contest featuring some great prizes. Pull out those dusty copies or dig up those e-files, because you’re going to need them to win!

What Next? is done… What Now? March 8, 2013

The response to What Next? has been warm and gratifying. It appears you are now eagerly looking for more and don’t want to wait as long as between Books 1 and 2. Good news! The rough outline is done on “What Now?”, Jeremy Shuttle Adventures Book 3, the finale to the trilogy. As usual, updates will be posted in the blogs and the forum (and maybe even on Facebook). Keep checking back regularly!

What Next? is now available online! February 13, 2013

I’m happy to announce that the second book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy is now available online in both paperback and e-book formats at all your favorite online book shopping locations. Check out the BOOKS page for links to three of them.

For your reading pleasureJanuary 24, 2013

What Next? has been published and an excerpt of the first six chapters is available for viewing on the website. Click on the “Excerpt” link at the top of the page and then click the What Next? link to get a first look into Jeremy’s further adventures in using his mysterious sketchbook to find his missing Dad! WARNING: If you haven’t read What If? yet, you may not wish to read this excerpt, as there are some “spoilers” about the first book!

New look for the new book November 12, 2012

What Next?, the second book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, is in final edit and expected out soon. When the finished cover and copy are ready, they will be up on the website for you to preview. A fresh look will be given to the website to coincide with the new book’s release. It won’t be so earth-shattering that you won’t recognize the place, just a reflection of the excitement over the next installment in Jeremy’s fun journey.

First draft of What Next? is completeSeptember 17, 2012

JMD has been put in his place March 21, 2012

JMD is sorting things outFebruary 9th, 2012

What’s Up with “What Next?”January 17, 2012

Mr. Daniels goes to Washington!September 19, 2011

Read the first 4 chapters of What If? May 24, 2011

As part of birthday week here on the JMD site, we’re celebrating by bringing you the “birth” of the What If? story by putting the first four chapters up on the Excerpt page. Read it on the page or in PDF format.

Happy Birthday Sale! May 18, 2011

Actually, it’s just a coincidence that my ongoing research of e-book pricing happened to finish within a week of my birthday, but either way, you get to celebrate.

Beginning this week, the e-book version Jeremy Shuttle Adventures Book 1, What If? is now available for the remarkably affordable price of just $2.99. Whether you get if for your Kindle, Nook, iBooks or direct from Booklocker, the price is the same everywhere.

Getting a fun and enjoyable book at that low price; you must feel like it’s your birthday, too!

Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book 2 underway April 26, 2011

Next week brings the first week of May and the first chapter of Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book 2: What Next? In the second volume of the trilogy, Jeremy, his Mom and Natalie will be searching for clues about the origin of the sketchbook in hopes of finally being able to find out what happened to his Dad.You’ll be able to find updates, hints and perhaps even a preview in the forum and plans are to finally make use of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures facebook page during the writing process.

What If? now listed in iBooksJanuary 15, 2011

In the continued goal of providing you the opportunity to read about Jeremy’s adventures in your favorite format, What If? is now listed and available for downloading to your iPhone and iPad through Apple’s iBooks app. Just type in What If? in your library search and start reading on your portable screen almost immediately! For quicker results, type in the author name, Jeffrey Daniels. Apparently, there are a few What If? book titles, but only one Jeffrey Daniels!

What If? cracks top ten at BooklockerDecember 27,2010

Less than a month after its release, What If?, the first book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, has popped up on the Booklocker top ten selling print books. Booklocker publishes a wonderful variety of entertaining books with unique voices. We’re proud to be one of their current top sellers.

What If? scores hat trickDecember 24, 2010

Still in its first month of sales and prior to any fulsome marketing, What If? has now tallied sales at all three of its online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Booklocker). Sales remain modest (standard marketing speak for “small”), but steady.

eBook version of What If? also availableDecember 21, 2010

Just in time for all those e-readers you’ll be receiving for the holidays! Available in PDF and ePub formats, you can download What If? for almost all readers and tablets. The only retailer currently carrying the eBook copy is Booklocker, so you’ll have to jog on over to their site (virtually, it’s less tiring), conveniently located at the top of every page. While you’re there, you should check out the many other intriguing books listed there. It’s a win-win!

Follow us on facebookDecember 10, 2010

Jeremy Shuttle Adventures is up on facebook. Check us out and find out what miscellaneous comments pop up. We love when you like us! Click the link on the home page to go there now!

What If? now on sale onlineDecember 3, 2010

The first book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy is now on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Booklocker online. Choose a link at the top of the page to purchase your copy.
(Note: eBook version only available at Booklocker)

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