I keep losing teeth

losing teethQuite a pointed post, having just made my semi-annual date for a dental cleaning.

Now, I admit, I’m a floss cheater.  Sure, I brush at least twice a day, but I only use the floss in a two month period bracketing my dental appointment (yeah, like using the home gym before bathing suit season).

Still, maybe using the floss as a rope would prevent me from constantly losing teeth.  Or tooths, as the case may be here.

I’ve always been an orderly man.  I know where stuff is and know how to treat stuff.  My things last a long time.  I don’t lose keys, coins, watches, glasses or messages.  But I lose tooths.  Bluetooths, that is.

The first one I lost on a tennis court.  The second one I lost in my house.  I just purchased my third bluetooth in five years (which is as long as I’ve owned a bluetooth, actually).  I don’t think I’ve lost as many items in the previous 50!

Of course, I found my bluetooth merely a day after I bought the new one.  It was in the dryer.  Which suggests it was also in the washer.  I charged it up and turned it on.  “Talk time:  Eleven Hours” said the female recording.  Of course.

Funny, just like regular teeth, finding your missing one afterwards doesn’t do you a whole lot of good.  Who needs extra teeth?