Itchy trigger finger


Fingers on the table top. Foot on the floor. Picture the impatient man.

Chomping at the bit. Gnashing the teeth. Jumping at the chance. Eager beaver.

When. When is the question.

I’ve now got my main skeleton performers effectively costumed for their big debut. I’ve got edging stones painted and accented. I’ve got six dozen styrofoam blocks spray painted and waiting.

When do I start setting up for Halloween?

Not in September, of course. Only retail stores put up Halloween stuff in September. But when in October?

Right at the start of the month? It would have plenty of time to build excitement for the big day.

Halfway through the month? Early enough for excitement, but not too soon to get “old” (or get damaged by the elements).

The week before? Much too late, especially if I need to make adjustments.

Here are a slew of variables I need to consider:

– As my blog (or any newspaper or cable channel or social network) has pointed out, this has been a terrible year for natural disasters. And we’ve still got a month and a half of hurricane season left.

– I know I need more Dead Things (this year’s display is about three times the size of last year), but I don’t know how many. Until I set up, I won’t know for sure.

– How do I get my star skeletons to stand up successfully? I’ll need time to experiment and see how they react to the wind and rain.

– Will the floral wire work in keeping the Dead Things standing on the styrofoam blocks or will I have to carve out “footholds” for each animal?

– How can I ensure the lawn maintenance people (and particularly the leaf blowers) don’t damage or mess up my displays?

– Do I have enough LED lighting for the displays, which now run the full length of my driveway?

– What else will I need to augment the Dead Thing Driveway? Will I still need (or want) inflatables?

– Will my power outlet boxes work successfully throughout the display period?

– And finally (and most urgently), how long can I resist getting started?

I’m raring to go, my pump is primed and my trigger finger itches something fierce!