September 18, 2021

4 thoughts on “I’m uncomfortable being a meanie

  1. Jeff, perhaps you should contact an Ent or two in order to convince the offending tree(s) to ameliorate the problems on their own.

    Or, you can go all Gandalf the White, who became somewhat more resolute following his initial demise during the confrontation with the Balrog.

    Either way … I’m in your corner on this one.

    1. Sadly, fantasy is about the only time one can “defeat” a homeowner’s association. The courts have almost always sided with the HOA. In keeping with the literary reference, it’s like facing a combo of Sauron, Darth Vader and IT while armed with a marshmallow.

      Nevertheless, I will sally forth unto the fray.

      1. You forgot Khan, Voldemort, HAL, T-1000, Ultron, Loki and Satan. I believe they are the remainder of members of the HOA Board.

        1. Satan may be otherwise occupied, but out of respect for you, I’ll not pursue the thread…

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