I see a fresh fruit and I want it painted black

So I’m back from my favorite farmer’s market (The Boys, in Delray Beach) the other day and feeling good, having fulfilled my entire produce wish list.

Sure, I didn’t get my tub of de-boned whitefish, but I did find me a nice chunk of smoked cheddar, so munchies were satisfied.

A big part of my trip to The Boys (it’s through a challenging part of South Florida, packed with older retirees) is that they have the most consistent source for excellent local grapefruits and oranges (for my daily fresh-squeezed treat).

Their veggies are top-notch and I can always count on crisp tomatoes, firm peppers (of all colors) and a wide assortment of onions. All at eye-popping cheap prices.

The basics out of the way, I usually add my “accessory” fruits, i.e., those that I eat more as desserts than anything else.

This is my favorite time of year when everything goes black. Truly, when it comes to fruit, black is beautiful! And, let’s face it, from a health perspective, black fruits tend to be awesome.

It’s funny, as I look in my fruit drawer in the fridge, that except for one banana, everything in there is black. Black grapes (seedless and sweet!), blueberries (so dark, of course they look black) and my newest experiment, plumogranates.

Those guys are basically black plums crossed with apricots (in a 75%/25% ratio). They carry a super sweet…really, SUPER sweet…rich juicy flavor, with a hint of pomegranate (thus the alteration from straight “plucot”).

I don’t care for pomegranates that much and the tiny hint is not enough to get in the way of this amazing fruit. It’s gushingly juicy too! And, by the way, they have four times the anti-oxidants of regular pomegranates.

After reading up on this gem, I did find out that its juice is so powerful it can stain, but I tend to be fairly safe after a lifetime of eating plums.

Right now, I am happily munching through my fruit bin. It won’t be nearly long enough before I have to go back to The Boys so I can paint the fridge black with fruit again.