I need more headaches

need headachesThe only thing I try to avoid more than taking medicine is going to doctors.

Inevitably, at some point, I’ve got to take some medicine for some ailment.  It may be an infrequent cold or a sore throat or a more often, but still not frequent, headache.

The “problem” with getting sick just often enough to need medicine is that I don’t get sick often enough to use it up.

My medicine cabinet is often a collection of soon-to-be-expired items.  Cough syrup up in 4 months.  Decongestant into the trash.  First aid cream long past its use.  And a bottle of headache pills too full for its shelf life.

I can accept easily the “one-offs” like the cough syrup or decongestant.  How often do I get a cold, after all?  And the first aid cream, well, it’s not like I’m building a deck on the house or shingling my roof, so, yeah, not that many cuts and scrapes to attend.

But those darn headache pills.  You have to buy them by the 100, since any size less is just about the same price.  And even with extended expiration dates, I stare at the amount of pills left and wonder if I should just be taking them for no reason.

Of course, if they were aspirin instead of acetaminophen, then I could at least make the case that taking one for no reason might have some medicinal value.  But, nope, these are your basic generic brand of Tylenol.

My theory on medicine is don’t take it unless you’re dying.  This works for the most part on colds, where I can get melodramatic about my sniffles and cough.  When it comes to headaches, if your head is already banging, it’s probably too late for much impact.

Plus, I don’t want to take two doses.  I’ll grudgingly agree to the “adult” dosage of two pills, but I won’t take two more in 4-6 hours.  Even if my head still hurts.

So, for me to get my money’s worth out of these headache pills, I need more headaches.