September 16, 2021

5 thoughts on “My home is turning into Skynet

  1. My 4K TV experience has not been so good. There is a limited amount of 4K stuff available. As you mention, 4K Blu-ray players – I do not have one of these. I do have Netflix and Amazon Prime which has some 4K streams.

    I paid extra for the 4K Netflix option for a while but when I played the 4K streams, almost everything was too dark. I messed around with the TV picture settings but it did not help much. After researching the issue online, I determined this is a common problem and went to the lower Netflix tier without the 4K streaming. Results with Amazon Prime have been similar. I just watch stuff in regular HD now, which is fine.

    I hope you have better results.

    1. I’m not a big streamer and don’t subscribe to Netflix (I have Prime because of Amazon shopping).
      I expect most of my 4K content will be off 4K disks and just the upscaled current library. Based on what I have seen in the store, I am quite certain my needs will be met.
      As for the darkness – which brand do you have? Based on what I know, Samsung is the best for vivid colors, LG the best for sharpest contrast/blacks. Sony is more of a mixed bag.

  2. I have an LG set. Other then the issue I already mentioned, the set has been fine.

    Please let me know if you are happy with the picture when viewing the 4K Blu rays. I very rarely buy content anymore, but I am still curious.

    1. Will do. Since the last time I used my Best Buy card was on my old TV (7 years ago), the card went inactive. Putting the charge on a new card gave me 10% “back” in credits.

      I can use those credits for content. I will advise as I get enough of a sample size.

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