I should have my head examined

head examOh wait, I am.

Dad and I agree that the only doctor you are assured of having something “extra” done is the dermatologist.  That is especially true for me and my (relatively) good health.  I only need check-ups at my dentist, eye doctor and internist, but my dermatologist always seems to find something he can squeeze out a few extra charges.

It’s okay.  There’s a reason they call Florida the “Sunshine State” (they do, it’s right on our license plates), they don’t want to call us the “UV State”.   We get a powerful and potentially dangerous sun down here and we get it almost every day.  So, problems with unprotected skin will crop up if you play outdoors a lot like my Dad and me.

That’s why I’ll be having worked on today; a “preemptive” strike on the leg and as a bonus, a little cyst excision on the head.  I should look like the loser of a bar fight when I get done, but hopefully I’ll be back out in the open air within a week.

I’d like to take advantage of this great time of year and get back on the tennis courts just as quickly, but I’m not sure how fast I’ll be able to wear a cap again.  Trust me, anyone playing tennis in Florida without a cap (or sunscreen) should probably have their head examined!