Good gosh, just let it go!

just let it goConsidering my previous posts, I’ll bet you think this one is about the Republican presidential nominee, right?

To be sure, his inability to let even the slightest perceived slight go without response¬†would seem to make him a prime target for such a headline. But…

This one is actually about the Democratic presidential nominee and her inability to move on from her mistakes.

Given yet another opportunity to mea culpa on the emails and get on with her life/career/campaign, she once again stuck her feet in mud and tried to explain that while she was really wrong and she knows it, she also was not really as wrong as she seemed and she…

…man, even I can’t keep this up.

The weird part is, she has already admitted her mistake and said she was sorry. For most of America, that would be enough…IF she didn’t keep trying to “win us over” with terribly convoluted and, frankly, stupid attempts to explain her words.

To quote the Great Bernie: Enough about your damn emails!

Most of us make mistakes. A good portion of us (eventually) say we’re sorry. And then all of us move on. It’s what us regular, everyday people do.

Sure, we put celebrities on a pedestal and expect more, be they athletes, entertainers or politicians. But even then, we ultimately forgive (or forget) and get back to watching, listening to or voting for them.

Except when they keep whatever issue alive. Drearily, endlessly alive. We are probably more annoyed by the actual refusal to move on than the issue itself. It’s why even staunch Donald Trump supporters overwhelmingly disapproved of his battle with a Gold Star family.

Enough is enough. Move on. Let it go.

Hillary Clinton has only herself to blame if the email issue hangs around her. She apologized long ago, now it’s time to stop trying to justify it. If the question is asked, all I want to hear is “I admit it was a mistake, I’m sorry, I’ll do better.”

But her hyper-sensitivity to the criticism is irritating and uncalled for. She deserves all the criticism (if not the hyperbole from the Republican propaganda machine) for her bad judgment. But it’s past time to get over it.

Other than she can actually say the words “I’m sorry”, she bears striking resemblance to her Republican opponent in this regard. Both seem to be unable to brush off specific criticism and recognize when it’s simply time to move on.

Good gosh, just let it go!