Down to the wire

It’s been torrentially raining for the last two days, preventing me from doing any work on the Dead Thing Driveway…and I couldn’t be more pleased!

“What?” you may be wondering. “Has he gone batty at last?”

Not at all my friends and I’ll tell you why.

(As a related aside, this looks like the 2nd straight Halloween where my display will not have a single bat whatsoever)

The time away from outdoor efforts provided me the moments of reflection and brainstorming I needed to solve my Animal Control skeleton problems, as mention in yesterday’s post.

Also, as I showed all of you in my YouTube video, I need an awful lot more (anĀ awful lot) Dead Things. While I was able to pick up a few from Target, I found a dishearteningly small supply around town and have had to resort to the internet. Some of those are not arriving until today (others, sadly, not until next week).

Finally, and most impressively, I got to see how the styrofoam blocks and the Dead Things held up under “live” South Florida conditions. The results exceeded my expectations!

For one thing, the styrofoam blocks did not retain the water. I knew they weren’t absorbent, so that wasn’t a concern, but I was unsure if water would pool up on top of their resistant surface.

Nope, none of that. My best guess is that the water seeped down in the spaces between the blocks (water is very talented at seeping). Though the blocks are nestled snugly against each other, they aren’t glued together and water only needs a crevice.

Another big plus is the blocks didn’t move. They didn’t blow around or get tumbled hither and yon. And these were some good-sized storms, real toad stranglers!

And the big win was the Dead Things. Nary a hairless bone out-of-place. My work snipping the floral wire and creating “croquet hoop” anchors for the legs of the skeletons worked like a charm. I was thrilled to know that I should have no problem with the future dozens of Dead Things.

I am, though, now concerned about my Pied Piper. He is sitting on a stool with his pipe and I am thinking this will not do. Sure, he looks near perfect inside my house, but that’s because I have him leaning against a wall. What will prevent him from blowing over (or, heck, just falling over) when he’s outside?

That got me to thinking I may need to scrap the stool I have (eh, it was only ten bucks) and look for a stool with a back that I can secure PP to.

I was planning on doing some Dead Thing shopping after family lunch today (Dad & Stepmom live near a Party City), so I can simply add a stop at Target (more Dead Things) and check out their furniture section. Or maybe the garden center, since I need something able to survive the elements.

Looking forward to finishing the Animal Control side this weekend, so beware another of my horrible video documentaries sometime soon!