Deciding what not to post

Blogging every day is tough.

I’ve mentioned this a few times over the seven years I’ve been at this. Coming up with something every day is really tough. Coming up with something¬†interesting every day is impossible.

Which is why you sometimes get posts like this.

It’s came to my attention, while wracking my brain for a blog post idea for today, that I spend much more time discarding ideas than I do writing them up.

The amount of truly bad ideas I have is staggering.

Most of them are bad simply because they’re stupendously boring. In those cases, I’m afraid that I¬†will fall asleep while typing them.

Others are so redundant that I can’t conscientiously post them. It feels like I’m plagiarizing myself.

Some are too self-indulgent, which is saying something on a blog that almost always centers around me. To qualify as so “me” that even I won’t write them up, it has to be more about a moody feeling or gripe that is so temporary, the topic might be over before I finished writing.

Most of those days, I simply opt for silence, since I’ve always felt no post is better than an uninteresting one.

Which poses the question, what is the purpose of today’s post then? It’s almost Seinfeldian in its much ado about nothing.

For the answer to that not-so-riveting question, you’ll just have to tune in next week.