August 2, 2021


The Jeremy Shuttle Adventures Trilogy

What If? – Available now!

What Next? – Available now!

What Now? – Available now!

What If? – Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book One

What If everything you drew became real?

Jeremy Shuttle receives a sketchbook from a mysterious shopkeeper in a strange art store. Soon, he and his best friend Natalie discover that anything he draws in the book becomes real!

He uses the book to go on amazing adventures, each time landing in greater danger. When he decides to use the book to bring back his Dad, missing for 13 years, both his Mom and Natalie are pulled into the danger as well.

What If? is the first book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, kicking off the excitement and mystery as Jeremy learns that the answers to some “What If’s” can be perilous.

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What Next? – Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book Two

Once you have the power to make anything you draw become real, what do you do next?

For Jeremy Shuttle, his Mom and his best friend and (almost) girlfriend Natalie, it’s trying to find the answers to three questions: Why did the shopkeeper give the sketchbook to Jeremy? Why does each time Jeremy use the sketchbook become more dangerous than the last? What secret does the sketchbook hold to finding his missing Dad?

The answers begin to unfold, as does the fact that there are others searching for the sketchbook. Their desire for the book means danger for Jeremy and his companions. From Washington, D.C. to Southern France, Jeremy faces more challenges and greater peril in his quest to find his Dad. The quest will ultimately separate the three travelers, as Jeremy ends up in a fantastic land that turns out to be both familiar and deadly, leaving his Mom and Natalie to face the threat of their pursuers.

What Next? continues the journey started in What If?, as Jeremy gets closer to his long-lost Dad and finds himself on a quest filled with peril and surprises.

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What Now? – Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book Three

Jeremy has found his missing Dad, rescued the two women he loves and discovered how to use his special power. So, what now?

All Jeremy Shuttle wants is to enjoy what he has accomplished with his amazing sketchbook, but he has finally uncovered the threat that has been dogging him and his family. The danger turns out greater than even Jeremy’s incredible imagination could create.

Jeremy and his Dad must race through a rollercoaster of real and fanciful worlds and places, while his Mom and girlfriend unravel a shocking truth and then have a fateful showdown of their own. Both groups of adventurers fight against time to save all they have found and everything they know.

The mysteries surrounding the sketchbook resolve through mind-twisting answers and life-threatening battles. When the apocalyptic danger is finally revealed, it will require the ultimate sacrifice.

What Now? completes the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy in a thrill-ride finish filled with shocking surprises.

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