October 20, 2021

8 thoughts on “Avoid corners for the next few weeks

  1. Great blog post here Jeff, but I would disagree about your suggestion on watching the Republican-sided broadcast if you align with the Dems. I would argue that there is no parallel between mainstream Dem leaning networks (MSNBC) and GOP one (Fox). I am showing my leaning here but I consider Fox to be propaganda and not fact based. MSNBC is clearly also biased but typically fact based.

    The main thing is everyone should listen to the questions and the witnesses, regardless of the broadcast commentary.

    1. I must disagree with your disagreement, my friend. I have been watching this on Fox, including the commentary during the break. Here is what I found:

      Yes, the Fox channel slaps up quite a few of the Republican talking points under their “Fox Facts” crawler, but, for the most part, they don’t do constant chyrons like on MSNBC and CNN.

      Also, although there are clearly Republican POV’s in the interim commentary, there was a surprisingly fair review of the testimonies.

      So, I’m not convinced it’s as horrible as you imagine. I suspect the actual Republicans in the hearing will be worse than Fox news.

  2. I have seen tweets comparing some of the Fox chyrons characterizing the witnesses and Schiff against the MSNBC chyrons. That tells me all I need to know about Fox. Also, Fox cut away from some of Schiff questioning the witnesses. We will disagree on this.

    1. No, the cut away issue is a fair complaint. That’s Fox deciding where they want to make their money (ironically “off” Democrats).

      As for chyrons, I’m only speaking of the first hours of coverage, not Fox writ large.

    1. Again, this line of conversation probably deserves a nap, but prior to those talking points (which I did refer to), Fox chyrons clearly detailed Taylor’s background and key points. That twitter post is, in itself, a biased example to gin up Democratic anger.

      Anyhoo, we should most likely let this die.

    1. And while I’m happy to leave alone any deceased animals, that article has, if not an error, then an omission.

      As I said, I was watching on Fox. They did indeed have a screen of Ambassador Taylor’s experience and record. That it was followed by Republican talking points I don’t deny, but it is unfortunate the writer didn’t also acknowledge some semblance of accuracy by the news division.

      Again, the opinion division is rampantly pro-Trump, but no one expects anything otherwise in that area.

      It is what it is. My post was about watching the hearings and listening to the witnesses. It was never about reading chyrons or crawls, as those would take away from the substance regardless of network.

      And, I believe this carcass is naught but bones now…

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