July 26, 2021


Jeffrey’s parents moved down to Florida from New York just in time to make him a native Jeffrey M. Daniels • AuthorFloridian…one of the few remaining in the state from that halcyon era of the 60’s.

Born on May 27, 1960, under the prescient sign of Gemini, he began a lifelong love of reading and words. The former started with comic books, which he still enjoys, and continued on through many visits to the library (remember those?). The latter, his love of words, took shape early as well.

Due to multiple beatings from his Grandma at the game of Scrabble, he began reading Webster’s unabridged dictionary and then her complete collection of World Book encyclopedia (remember those?). Though these did not transform him into a marvel of modern knowledge, he did manage to finally beat his Grandma a few times at Scrabble.

His family often commented that he should either become a lawyer or a comedian. Since it would be decades before he would see TV shows such as Night Court or Boston Legal, he decided there was little future in being a funny lawyer and so turned to the unrelated field of Accounting (he was good at math). Just a few short months into his time at the University of Florida, he became convinced of the horror of his decision and he promptly switched to Advertising. He maintains to this day it was not the low grades and preference for enjoying all the outdoor activities that suggested the switch.

He made a short job hunting trip up to New York (where else do you go with an Advertising degree?), unwisely choosing to travel in late January, and discovered two things: Everyone in New York owned an overcoat and every car in New York City was yellow. Three things, if you count the frozen toes. Thankfully, he was unsuccessful in securing work there. After several years in an advertising position with a large retail chain back in Florida, he decided to try again at the aborted Accounting degree, this time with less distractions and greater success.

Jeffrey’s career in writing, began with tear-inducing messages on family holiday cards, continued as editor of his college dorm newsletter and on through various advertising positions. Despite the self-infliction of many years of Finance and Accounting work, he managed to squeeze out a regular newsletter for his Finance group whose sole purpose was to make its readers laugh. Needless to say, it had nothing to do with Accounting.

After a return to advertising and creative, Jeffrey finally finished his often-talked about young adult fantasy adventure novel, What If?, the first book in a trilogy around a young boy, Jeremy Shuttle, who is given a sketchbook that makes everything he draws in it become real.

Jeffrey currently lives comfortably in South Florida, driving with his car windows down and wondering why so many people complain about the humidity.

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