A short stay on the keys

It’s penultimate day for “Writing Week” on the JMD blog.  We’re on the next to last day of the week and I just completed the next to last chapter in “What Next?”.  Did someone whisper “synchronicity”?

Now, read on…

Regular readers (both of you), know that my methodology for writing the second book of my fantasy trilogy differed greatly from my work on “What If?”.

During the first book, I brought my little laptop (smaller than a regular laptop, but bigger than a notebook) with me to the beach and typed merrily away to the sounds of waves and laughing children.  I might as well be merry, since I couldn’t see a thing I was typing due to the glare.

As I unfolded my beat up chair at the beach and prepared for Book 2, I found that the laptop was just not “doing it” for me.  I switched to using ruled pads as my writing platform and though there were a few hiccups (running out of pens and forgetting an extra pad), the process worked well as I merrily wrote away to the sounds of waves and laughing children.  Until this week.

With the ending of the book and the ending of the writing ever-so-close, the vagaries of life showed up in the form of such mundane things as getting my car serviced and rain.  Sheesh.  Didn’t the vagaries of life know I had a book to complete?  How rude!

I was unable to continue writing in the format that I had been using for the past…well, let’s just say “too long”…and yet I was nearly done.  Surely I would not delay the book once more?

Well, Shirley was right, because I was “feeling it” big time.  That left me with no other choice but to fire up the ol’ laptop, charge the battery to full and start tapping on that tiny, but capable keyboard each day this week.  Forget a chapter every other day, now we were doing one each day.

At day’s end, I would transfer the work to my desktop and tidy it up, just like I had done on “What If?”.  If it wasn’t deja vu, it was certainly well-remembered.  Just like the old days, you could say.

And here we now sit, one day and one chapter remaining.  Tomorrow looks to be another spotty day for weather, so I expect I will be heading back to the laptop.  If I can’t hang out on my pad, I think I can handle a short stay on the keys.