A month of horror and a month of peace

Phew. October is here. Thank goodness. Time for goblins, ghouls and other unsavory creatures. And, no, I’m not referring to Washington, D.C. For the time being, it’s all about Halloween. And that will give me a month of horror and a month of peace.

The news of the day

Bleak. Discordant. Divisive.

Lots of us versus them going on right now. From Supreme Court qualifications to international diplomacy, nothing seems much changed in the political sphere.

It’s omnipresent for some, non-existent for others. In both cases, the problems posed are real and don’t disappear simply by not being aware or ignoring them.

So, I won’t, but I’m taking some “time off” from focusing on them.

The long route of decorating

Some of that is simply because my decorations for Halloween are once again planned to ratchet up a notch.

I emphasize the word “planned” because I’m just not sure how to realize the image I see in my brain. I have some theories on how to make it happen, but I still need to find the supplies and then test those theories.

Given the above, the supply I will probably need most is time. That’s why, beginning today, Halloween starts in earnest

The skeleton plan

Yes, it’s a double entendre.

These guys have it coming

As stated before, my plan is to have all those skeleton animals from last year give those skeleton humans their comeuppance.

For that to happen, in my mind, means for the skeleton humans to be “attacked” by the skeleton animals they sought to dominate.

I will create 2 large vignettes and 2 smaller areas. The large vignettes will have, respectively, the Animal Control skeleton being attacked by the dogs and cats he tried to imprison.

The other main display will have the Pied Piper skeleton being overrun by the rats he was trying to captivate.

Adjacent to both tableaux will be “grandstands” of skeleton birds, observing the antics.

In order for the larger skeletons to pose properly, I will need to find small supports for their limbs and heads. I am thinking along the lines of those wire supports used for small plants. Investigations at Home Depot are soon to ensue.

The loss of convenience

Of course, all this take up my entire driveway. That means, no close parking. During rainy season. Such is the dilemma I face during Halloween month.

Additionally, I need to ensure proper and safe securing of light strips and power cords across the driveway. Because, I want no one to accidentally trip and fall. Duct tape is my first thought, but I will investigate other securing methods before installing the lights.

A month of horror and a month of peace

I envision creating a sort of path up the driveway and to the door. By placing the displays properly, trick or treaters should be able to walk “through” the displays without actually running any risks (other than being frightened). Think of it like a theme park display or an open air haunted house.

Thankfully, this will consume so much of my time and imagination, I will actually get relief from endless talking heads on TV and overdosing of “breaking news”.

Truly, it will be a month of horror and a month of peace.