Winter was coming, but now it’s going.

Almost, but not quite.

It’s still not quite warm enough for me to go back to my pre-dawn walks, but it has at least gotten to the point that I can venture out in the somewhat early morning.

I first started about 9:30 am and each day has been slowly advancing earlier. Today I was able to tolerate going out at 8 am.

One of the big benefits derived from the too-chilly sunless walks is that I am reminded what a joy it is to walk under a speckle-free sky with a face full of warming rays.

I think I must be solar-powered. The more sunshine I absorb the more upbeat and positive I am about life. I believe that means that if I were shot into the sun that, I would be pretty chipper as I went from well-done to extra crispy.

But I’m okay with leaving that as an unproven theory.

So. beyond my hibernation-white skin getting some color for the first time in months, what is the other big benefit from walking without the need of street lights?


Because of my changed time, I have altered my path to the western route. “Winter’s” impact on lowering bug population aids me in that I have to walk pretty much right up against the Everglades breeding ground.

But if there are less bugs, there are certainly more youngsters.

My route winds past the middle school a block from my house and about two miles later runs adjacent to another middle school and, shortly afterwards, a high school.

The youngster travel goes from crossing guards, buses and bikes to kids old enough (maybe) to drive their own cars to school.

I say hi to every one of them I pass on the sidewalk (and the crossing guards, too, of course). Interestingly, almost all the littler kids say hi back and a lower percentage of high school age respond. Seems like a statement on the human condition, no?

Today, I was on my stretch run to end my walk (just a 5-miler) and was waiting at the crossing light with two (dismounted) bikers. I ribbed them about their excitement (well hidden) and told them they only had 12 more years left. The crossing guard found it funnier than the kids.

I think soon I will be able to return to the darkness, but it’s actually been fun the last few days to be out in the sun and walking past all these youngsters.

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