You snooze, you gain

Circumstances. Always circumstances. Sometimes they teach you a lesson and sometimes they work to your benefit. And sometimes both. Case in point, when my latest outing to Best Buy taught me that if you snooze, you gain.

How did this educational lesson begin? Well, there was the ruminating and hemming and hawing over buying a new TV (as explained in my last post). That decision was finally made and I went to Best Buy yesterday with the intent on upgrading from my current TV to a full-fledged, bleeding edge 4K OLED big screen TV.

First indication things were not going to go as planned was the salesman I was working with on Sunday was not here. He had told me he worked all days but Thursday and Saturday. He also told me, when he fist-bumped me instead of shaking my hand, that he was getting sick. I assume the getting changed to got.

Next problem was that this was Tuesday. Apparently, Tuesdays are bad days to buy TV’s. Especially the Tuesday after Cyber Monday and Black Friday. All of a sudden, the prices had gone up by several hundred dollars…on several of the items.

Okay. No associate to give the sale to and a price increase, en masse, equivalent to a 20% hike. That’s not particularly encouraging a potential buyer to pull the trigger.

Finally, despite there only being one other customer in the area and two sales associates, I waited 20 minutes in the department without anyone coming to my aid.

Done. Out the door. Off to Tijuana Flats for a Taco Tuesday lunch and home to my old, but quite acceptable current big screen TV.

There was some relief, actually, as I was still confused what to do about the “old” TV if I did make the purchase. I was leaning towards sticking it up in the bedroom, but I was concerned it would look ridiculous.

Ironically, the no-decision came on the same day I deposited my escrow refund check, making official my transformation from loan owner to home owner. So, instead of several thousand dollars going out the door, instead I got “richer” by several thousand dollars. (Yeah, yeah, that money all goes out this month and in February.)

Removing that big number from my budget left a huge prospective positive for next year. That got me to thinking that maybe it was finally time for that other much desired self-gift: getting a house cleaner back.

As long-time readers know, I passionately avoid the word “hate”. I feel it’s too severe for almost any circumstance. Except for one…cleaning.

With all that “extra” money in the budget, I decided it’s time to bring back the help I so desperately need (or more accurately, want) to make my life more enjoyable. I’ve reached out to the woman that helps keep my Dad and Stepmom’s home so clean. She will be stopping by this week to look over the house and talk about adding me to her clients.

Yup, I missed my window on the TV, but I may end up with a benefit that will add far more personal gratification. In this case, when you snooze, you gain.