You can’t talk about the second thing until you talk about the first thing


Much spaghetti is being thrown against the wall lately. Little of it is sticking, but the tossing continues. And it’s all because the current resident of the oval office can’t talk about one thing. But, you can’t talk about the second thing until you talk about the first thing.

Now, I’ve posted here before regarding my theories about why Trump cannot discuss the election attack by Russia in 2106. By the way, let’s get out of the way the whole “meddling” thing. Trump prefers not being PC, so let’s call it what it is: a cyber attack.

By definition, an attack by a hostile nation on our sovereign nation is an act of war. No, not each act of war demands arming nuclear missiles, but it certainly demands more than the deferential subservience that was on display at the disastrous Helsinki meeting.

In any case, pretty much every analysis, including several from Trump’s network…er…I mean, FOX, is concluding that he cannot discuss the Russian attack on the election because it might suggest that he won by cheating.

That’s probably for Robert Mueller to find out, but, if Trump is truly innocent, his constant refusal to deal with the election attack is making him look guilty. That’s not a good look.

Some people might ask what the big deal is. So what if he agrees Russia attacked our elections or not. The answer is simple: until he agrees to it, sufficient countermeasures won’t be directed at the problem. The administration is making no effort over the past 18 months.

Individual protection agencies act to the extent of their purview. But, only with direction and funding from the top will they create a proactive solution.

But, Trump can’t talk about the second thing if he doesn’t talk about the first thing. And he just can’t talk about the first thing without becoming paranoid. Insecure? Angry? Persecuted? I really don’t want to analyze this. I only look at the results.

And, the results are dispiriting.

Now, maybe you’ve been swayed into believing Russia is not a bad actor. Maybe Trump and FOX have convinced you into believing it’s no big deal for him to get “help” from a man like Putin. I hope you don’t believe that. I hope you have looked up who Putin is.

If you need a quick overview, here’s a post I did about Putin. I use only FOX news to source it. Look elsewhere and you will find even worse stories. And this is the man who wanted Trump to win. Who even said he asked his forces to aid him.

And, who is trying to change or influence your vote. And, if they are allowed to proceed unabated, they won’t need to influence you…they will just hack the software to change the votes outright.

Can’t happen? It’s already happening. Some incursions into states voting sites and individual lawmakers’ files are going on right now.

We should be working on stopping it. We should have been working on it for the last two years.

But, we’re not.

We’re not, because Trump hasn’t directed our government to do so. He feels that he can’t, because of that election insecurity thing. No solution can be created without first defining the problem.

You can’t talk about the second thing until you talk about the first thing. Trump needs to protect the American freedom to vote as we choose in our elections. It is the cornerstone for the finest form of government on the face of the earth.

6 Responses to “You can’t talk about the second thing until you talk about the first thing”

  1. Steve

    I know you are too smart to really believe Trump would want to protect our elections? He and the GOP want no such thing. They want to gerrymander and suppress the vote. They want you to be influenced by a foreign power and will do nothing to stop it.

    Our only hope is for the non-brainwashed masses to show up and vote. Make sure you do, and get all of your sensible friends to as well. Do whatever it takes because we are at a terrible tipping point.

    • JMD

      Well, as you know, I’ve been lowering my “personal leanings” color to posts like these recently.

      While I don’t have many illusions about the main characters in the situation, I still have hope that my fellow Americans, of whom a few read this blog, will have some concern, if not outrage, that someone may be choosing to change their vote.

      I’m sure many people who voted for Trump would be incensed if they found out their vote went to Clinton. That sense of violation should exist for every American, not just “if it helped” their candidate or not.

      • Steve

        That’s nice. However, it is not a matter of opinion that Trump and the GOP do not want to protect the vote, it is obvious by their numerous actions to avoid addressing the issue, but by investigation and funding.

          • JMD

            Totally agree. The voting down of any funding for cyber security was an astounding and very public display of party over country. Terribly disappointing.

  2. Steve

    Even today, the GOP again shows it’s desire to allow election interference in future elections:

    50-47:Senate defeats Democrats plan to provide $250M for state election security grants for 2019 to protect future elections on near party line vote.Corker only Republican to vote Yes. Leahy amdt to 4-bill spending package needed 60 votes to pass. Burr Flake & McCain didn’t vote


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