You can’t over prepare for the next scare


goody bag recipeSure, the most recent scare to South Florida has become no more than vapor in the air, but there’s always another threat in the future.

In fact, there’s one threat that is always in the future during hurricane season and that preparation is ever more complex than merely getting extra water and batteries (although the batteries do come in handy).

Yes, even though Wal-Mart actually started Christmas layaway (really?), few people (and only a couple of kids) are scared by a fat bearded man in a red suit and a hat.

But a pale, skinny man in a cape?  A tall green man with stitches?  A lumbering, crooked man (?) in bandages?  Yes, Halloween is coming!

For me, that means getting started NOW.  I can’t wait longer, because I have to decide just what my home is going to look like this year.

That means I need to pull out my existing decorations and decide what stays and what is retired.  And what new needs to be added.

Then I have to pull out my goody bag stuff and determine how much I have left, how many I have to build and where the heck can I get the goodies to stuff the bags!

Shopping early means no heavy discounts on items, but it also means the entire selection (including low quantity new items) are all for the picking.  Generally, the stuff I need to buy is rarely around post-Halloween, let alone part of the 50% or more discount days.

Last year, I found out that Dollar Tree was truly a $1 store.  I haven’t found one of those since 99¢ Stuff went out of business.  Sad that I didn’t realize this earlier.  Another benefit the cashier told me is that I can peruse and order online and have it shipped to the store free.  Nice.

So, amidst watching the tropics for any unwanted visitors, it’s time for me to prepare for many dozen wanted ones.

Because you can’t over prepare for the next scare.

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