You can’t have too many friends


With all due respect to the great Mr. James Garner, Facebook would like to disagree with you.

Over the course of last year, my news feed on Facebook began to be overwhelmed with political posts. Well, political in the sense that they mentioned a political party or candidate.

Neither side showered themselves in any glory. Between snide (or profane) comments and memes, fake news stories and horribly embarrassing rants, I became quite disillusioned with many of my 800+ Facebook friends.

At first, I tried simply hiding individual posts, but eventually the tide was so high I began to “unfollow” people. They were still my Facebook friends, but I no longer saw their updates in my news feed.

This made me sad, because I wouldn’t see true updates about them, but since they were spending so much time consumed with the election (and despising the opposing view), I just couldn’t take the total lack of American spirit in my news feed.

With the New Year now born and the election over, I thought that it would be a good time to “un-unfollow” all those Facebook friends to see what was up in their lives.

That was a more extensive process than I imagined. I hadn’t realized just how many people I had “shut off” during the elections. Boy, you peeps were fit to be tied over that thing, weren’t you?

At one point, Facebook warned me that following too many people could make my news feed cluttered and unreadable. Yeah, I know, that’s how I got into this position in the first place.

But…it was a new year and surely people have gotten back to food and pets by now.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed, in some cases, people still engrossed within the same spitefest that lasted all year (year-and-a-half, by some accounts). Seriously? Even Trump has said “move on”.

I enjoy many conversations on Facebook with a number of unique individuals. I have some simple rules about my news feed and employ them with no hesitation or guilt (it’s my news feed, after all).

– I’ve no interest in the lurid or profane.

– I’m tired of politics and derogatory statements.

– I need to be able to use the translation function to see what’s on a non-English post

That’s all. I will simply hide posts that fail those three requirements.

Which leaves me with hundreds of posts a day to peruse, consider and comment on. That’s plenty social enough for me.

I’m showing extra tolerance this month on my “un-unfollows”. There are a few of them that all they post is political tripe. I’m talking that’s all they are posting.

After the inauguration, I hope they’ll find some things in life to interest them other than demonizing and taunting.

If not, those aren’t friends I need and, in that case, I may have too many friends.

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