You are now leaving Jurassic Park

You are now leaving Jurassic Park...and entering the modern age, now that I've purchased a new computer.

Look Ma, it glows! Ah, how time flies. In my world, stuff usually doesn’t break, it just gets out of date (like me). Eventually, I just pull the trigger and replace it. So, for my computer, you are now leaving Jurassic Park.

You are now leaving Cenozoic Park

For the longest time, I simply stuck with my old, old computer. My first, an Amiga, doesn’t count because the company went under.

After that, it was a Dell. This was when they were the bee’s knees. I would go on their customization screen and “build” my own computer.

My niece actually built her own computer. I just order someone else to build it.

You are now leaving Cretaceous Park

My last computer was my first “prebuilt”, that is, a computer I purchased with predetermined parts. That was a Lenovo. It was a nifty machine that has operated just fine for nearly six years.

But, it’s got some fossilization to it and its video card is so prehistoric I am left wanting in many new graphics situations (games, HD video, etc.). I mean, for gosh sake, it still connected only through VGA…not even an HDMI port!

Still thinking like a dinosaur

I picked out a sharp computer for my new choice. And Amazon Prime Day helped me save another 20% off the top.

It’s a gaming computer, so it has liquid cooling, an NVIDIA RTX2080 graphics card, lots of memory for both the computer and the graphics card and the newest processing chips.

But…I still think in prehistoric terms. Like, the computer arrived and…it has no CD/DVD drive. Dur? I guess everyone uses digital downloads now?

And the drives are pre-partitioned. The classic C: drive is tiny (maybe 250 GB) and the secondary drive isn’t huge either (1 TB). Admittedly, I never used up even 1 GB in my old computer (2 TB drive), but it warps my head seeing numbers that small – and separate.

Prehistoric dog and fossilized bone

Still, I am not entirely without some understanding of modern technology. I already own an external hard drive and it’s huge (5 TB), so I can store all I need there.

Plus, $23 and 1-day Amazon shipping later and I have a nice plug-and-play external DVD drive (to load up all my Jurassic Park era software).

So, I’m kind of back where I was in my last era, but with a computer capable of getting me to the Paleozoic era. Maybe.

You are now leaving Jurassic Park

Of course, getting used to the new keyboard and reestablishing all my shortcuts and preferences feels like moving into a new house – tedious and never seeming to be done. I’m always finding some new setting I need to change (especially in Windows).

But, I feel I’ve succeeded in vastly improving my computer performance. In speed, certainly, but also more noticeably in video and gaming activities. Ooh la la!

I’m still getting used to the “gaming effect”. The rainbow colors playing across the computer (and the glass side) still startle me. It’s like a nightly neon sign proclaiming “You are now leaving Jurassic Park”.

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