Writing properly


I’m a lefty.

Now, that’s not inherently a bad thing.  Yes, it makes looking for sports equipment more challenging.  And sure, those little credit card thingies at retail stores all seem to be set up for righties.  But there are a lot of advantages to being lefty as well (for example, I can operate the mouse with the left hand and type on the numeric keypad with the right at the same time, very useful in the Finance profession).

One of the more challenging things with being a lefty is writing, especially in a language that goes left-to-right.  Often times I find the side of my hand dragging across the page and getting stained from ink.  This is not so much a problem for righties, as by the time they return to the left side to write a new line, the ink has had the few seconds it needs to dry.

My “dragging” problem is exacerbated by the convoluted grip I use to hold my pen/pencil/whatever.  Apparently, it is weird.  Weird enough for people to say “How do you write that way?”.

When I was in school, I was taught like everyone else the “proper” way to write and type.  And I tried. I really did.  But over time the whole “home row” method of typing just wasn’t working in my slightly dyslexic brain (my fingers often type the letters that are after the next letter in a word rather than the one I should be typing).  So I use the “six-finger” method and live with about 45 words per minute.

When it comes to writing, I’m not quite sure what happened to my grip that led it down the path to this odd style I now employ.  I have excellent penmanship, both in print and cursive (does anyone use that anymore?), but that may be more from my artistic background than my writing education.

Still, the odd grip and angle that I write with tends to cause me to turn the paper/pad/whatever I’m writing on at a sharp angle (let’s say downward around 45 degrees to the right).  I think the combination of the grip and the writing angle tends to “weird” people out.  I get an awful lot of those aforementioned questions when people see the whole package.

During my novel-writing process for my second book, I have been working on ruled pads instead of directly on a laptop as I did on Book 1.  The large quantity of filled pads bears testament to the fact that I can write plenty well with my strange lefty form.

Just not properly.

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