Writing on the road once traveled

Writing on the road once traveled - finally writing up my #GNABRT, the round North America trip to every MLB park.

Yep. Finally. Gonna do it this time. That Great North American Baseball Road Trip I drove back in 2015, I’m going to write the whole blamed thing up at last. Following is how I will tackle writing on the road once traveled.

What exactly is #GNABRT?

As a refresher (and for you newbies), when I got to my double nickel birthday, I decided to follow a youthful dream.

My love of baseball is often regarded as strange. Not just because many people think it’s a slow and boring game. They also wonder how a kid from South Florida can love baseball when we didn’t even have a team when I was growing up in the 60’s.

The details of that are in my blogs or (someday) in my book, but the GNABRT was a fulfillment made possible by both retirement and my own peculiar desire to celebrate “big” birthdays.

But, writing on the road?

Yes, well, initially, I thought I would be continuing to write fiction books. I had just finished the last book in my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy the year before and I thought I might use the down time to work on some new ideas.

But, another thought hit me: why not make a “real time” travelogue of my adventure. After all, it would be over 15,000 miles when done and dozens of states (and Canada) I would pass through.

Turns out, I had less “down time” than I imagined. Often times, just doing the blog post kept me up well past the witching hour. Forget working on novels.

Isn’t the phrase, the road less traveled?

A book you say? Why?

Right. It’s a play on phrasing. You knew that, yes?

You see, I’ve addressed this before. Not actually writing the book but the idea of writing the book. Check out the post link for more details.

Suffice to say, nothing ever became of the idea because of the reason stated in that post. Hence, writing on the road once (as in already) traveled.

It’s supposed to be witty. Moving on.

About time you got an app for this

So, I realized that going back and forth between my website and the almost 150 posts I had done about the GNABRT would be a productivity nightmare.

What I needed to do was to print them out. But the ol’ CTRL-P command…well, bluntly, it stunk. The page breaks were bad, the printing included background images. Bleh.

Now, I’m only marginally dumb. I was able to figure out that this massively popular blogging app that I use, WordPress, must have dozens (or more) apps to plugin to it that print blog posts.

After some trial and error, I found one that did just what I wanted – it simply created a clean page to then use the CTRL-P command on.

Yes, there were more complex apps that would even remove that last step, but they involved cutting and pasting code and, while I like to think I can follow written instructions, I’d rather not mess with the website or app coding.

All those posts put me in a bind

Then I began printing. It took me three days. And a couple of extra print cartridges (calm down, they were low when I started).

Still, when I finished, I had a tall stack of printouts. How tall? Well, I decided to three-hole punch them and put them in a binder. The entire batch of printouts nearly filled a 1 1/2″ binder.

Great Scott! I already did have a book!

Writing on the road once traveled

So, I’m back on the road again. My basic outline is to start with the formation of my dream trip, its roots in my childhood love of baseball.

I’ll throw in a little biographical detail of how I got to the point of being able to make that real. And then I’ll begin the process of converting those blog posts into a more integrated tale.

Thanks to a friend’s request, I found a trove of pictures from the trip stored on my hard drive. I want to put a few of those in the book as well.

But I still don’t see this as being anything I would publish, as I still don’t see why anyone would want to read it. I may be writing on the road once traveled, but if you want to know about my GNABRT, you’re already able to read about it right here on the blog (check the categories).

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