Write it down!


write itI came up with a couple of good blog ideas last week.  Really, some very entertaining themes I think you would have enjoyed.

Too bad I forgot what they were.  All you get today is this one.

Usually, I’m very good about rushing to a pad or a piece of paper or the flap of a box I’m about to recycle (ok, not the last one…a lot of those have a waxy finish that makes writing difficult). Rarely, I will forget…and then I forget.

This was an especially unfortunate day to neglect jotting down some quick notes.  In addition to the blog ideas, I had some more thoughts on What Now? (Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, Book 3).  I also started firming the plotline for my next book (non-JSA), building a better central theme and character motivation.

Maybe that’s what happened; my decreasing brain cells were overloaded with too much imagination and they (literally) did a memory dump.  I’ve reconstructed most of the thoughts (or just re-imagined them), but I cannot recall the ideas for the blogs.  All I can remember is that I thought they were going to be funny.  Sheesh.  It’s only Monday and there are 4 blogs left in the week.  I’d settle for mildly amusing!

I’ve seen some people hang glasses around their neck; I think I need to hang a pad and pen around mine.  Forgetting ideas is a serious problem for a writer, which makes it especially ironic that I’m in this spot because of not writing something down.

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