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write brainedI’m a lefty and that means I’m right brain dominant.  Does that mean anything?  Actually, no.  It’s pretty much been debunked the whole left brain/right brain thing (despite the many “fun” tests and quizzes you are asked to try).

But there’s no denying I like creativity.  I’ve always enjoyed reading others’ imagination.  I’ve always enjoyed drawing from my own imagination.  And I’ve always enjoyed writing from my own imagination.

Which is not to say I haven’t been a bit trepidatious about starting on a new writing project.  Unlike many writers, I can’t start writing a story until it excites me enough to put it on paper.

Forget that cliché image of the writer pulling sheet after sheet of paper out of his typewriter and balling it up before throwing it on the floor.  That’s not me.  Not even because it would be unlikely to find a working typewriter.

My “floor” is inside my skull and, believe me, it’s littered with bad ideas.  Plenty of half-baked, unfinished projects lie strewn about my brain.  I wish I had a mental recycle bin for pick-up.

Yet, there I was, two days ago on my first walk back from the GNABRT, “writing” the introduction and acknowledgements pages to my Great North American Baseball Road Trip book.

Still untitled.  Still unwritten.  But definitely some old-fashioned enthusiasm behind the thinking.

I need to print off all the blogs I’ve written over the last 2 1/2 months to use as my “plot”.  I know I have to get started on the book as soon as possible, while the memories are still fresh.

My previous modus operandi of writing, heading out to the beach with a laptop and my notes, may not work these days.  Between the intermittent rain storms and blistering sun, it’s unlikely I could get consistent writing time in the open.

It’s never been easy for me to sit at a desk and write, but I’m going to give it a shot with this book.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not aiming to publish the book, since I’ve proved my marketing skills don’t match the investment.

And yet, once the book is finished, I may be tempted to go through all that expense simply to have a copy for myself.  Call it posterity.  Call it the denouement to the GNABRT.  Perhaps it will be the final expense on my trip of a lifetime.

And just maybe it will kick-start my brain back into writing mode.

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