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write around cornerI went out to eat lunch on the beach yesterday. It was cloudy and the 15-20 mph wind brought white-capped waves to pound the sand.

The wind made it impractical to eat, but I stayed out there for a while in short sleeves and shorts. Despite the occasional chill from the wind, I managed the visit well and loved gazing across the energetic ocean.

There’s little that creates as much happiness for me as the ocean. On it or by it, the power and mystery work wonders on my spirit and my imagination.

Based on yesterday’s adventure and some optimistic long-rage weather forecasts, I think it’s quite likely I’ll be heading out to the beach soon and firing up the little laptop for some writing again.

I’m not sure what I’ll be writing about; maybe just idle ramblings until some ideas crystallize. I’ve got my on-again/off-again story I’ve been working on for months and that may capture my imagination. Or it could be something totally unrelated.

Regardless of the thrust, I eagerly anticipate the combination of temperature and temperament that will bring me back to writing at the beach. By all evidence, that could be right around the corner.

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