Working on one thing at once

Working on one thing at once - my multitasking skills may be a thing of the past.

Oboy, I better hope that I can stay retired. It sure seems like my multitasking skills are, if not gone, severely atrophied. Heck, forget even working on two things at once. These days, I feel like the best I can do is working on one thing at once.

It’s not just a game anymore

Well, yeah, still a game, but it’s not kid’s play anymore.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve signed on to a couple of independent game designers to help them out with their story editing.

These guys are small potatoes, in the grand corporate scheme, but they are both finally moving up from hitting six figures in revenue to growing six figures in revenue.

While this has been only manageable as a part-time gig (mouths to feed), one of them has hit his threshold to go “pro”, as in full-time.

Working on one game at once

Fortunately, it’s a small community and they actually know each other. Because of that, they schedule their development around each other.

That’s good for me, as it allows me to focus on one story at a time. With actual release deadlines to adhere to, it’s enough pressure for my retired life not to have to work on both at once.

Working on nothing else

Of course, here’s where my realization happens. When I’m working on the editing, I can’t seem to work on anything else.

Not blogs, not writing, not much of anything.

To be fair, the editing is an involved process. It includes proofreading, story notes, continuity tracking and grammar and script corrections/suggestions.

I have a vested interest in these guys’ success. I’ve been with them from the start and I am proud to see their popularity grow. But, that means I need to be even sharper with my own work.

Working on one thing at once

So, yeah, I do seem to freeze out most every other task when working on these games. A lot of me goes into providing the best support, creatively and technically, that I can.

Fortunately, they both have slowed their development release schedules as they strive to “up their game”, in both literal and figurative senses. That means my frozen periods are farther apart.

Still, it makes me wonder. Is it only because it’s a creative process that my multitasking skills seem to dry up during my editing periods?

Or, have I actually been reduced to only working on one thing at once?

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