Women are weaklings


women are weaklingsI’m so glad America is fed up with political correctness so we can get this out in the open once and for all.

It’s always been tiptoed around because “politeness” demanded no one actually say what was fact: women are weaklings.

I know it’s true because Donald Trump says so.

Now, hold on. Before you try to pin this on me as a post about Mr. Trump being a misogynist, let me state unequivocally he’s not…and I have the facts to back me up!

First, he’s employed hundreds, no, thousands of women in many of his businesses, including his daughter. A man who hires his own daughter can’t possibly be a misogynist.

Plus, many of his campaign surrogates are women and he just elevated a woman to campaign manager. Would a misogynist do that?

Not to mention, he’s married more than one woman. A man who hates women wouldn’t keep getting remarried!

So, when Donald Trump says women are weak, he must believe it. And so do I, since I have so many examples in my own life.

Like my Grandma, who, when my Grandpa lost his job at the beginning of the Great Depression, marched down to the factory and ordered the foreman to rehire him (he did).

Or my Stepmom, who spent 30 years working in retail, moving up to be the first female buyer for a prestigious chain and fighting off male bias for decades.

And my Mom, successfully building up a small flower shop to strong profits and then selling it to start a new one because she needed something more challenging.

Even my sister, who is rapidly approaching 30 years with the Post Office and anyone who can survive 30 years with the Post Office is clearly…

…wait a minute…none of those women are weaklings. But…but that means maybe women aren’t weaklings at all?

Well, I guess there are women doctors and scientists and construction workers and truck drivers and even astronauts. And the U.S. women just won more medals in the Olympics than all but two whole countries (including more than the U.S. men).

But, then who is Donald Trump referring to? Unless, and I feel terrible for even suggesting this, he only thinks women who don’t agree with him are weak…

Like Carly Fiorina or Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton…oh, I’m embarrassed to say I seem to see a trend here. But why would he need to go there?

Maybe those polls Mr. Trump once loved but now reviles can offer a clue.

He’s getting clobbered by Hillary Clinton with Blacks, whom he portrays as all at risk of getting shot if they walk their streets.

He’s getting clobbered by Hillary Clinton with Hispanics, to whom he tweets out a picture of him eating a taco salad and saying, “I love Hispanics”.

He’s getting beaten by Hillary Clinton with Women, whom he says are not strong if they “allow” themselves to be sexually harassed at work.

He’s beating Hillary Clinton in one area, non-college educated White Males. Is it possible some of those might find the suggestion that women are weaklings appealing? It boggles.

I cannot fathom any other reason to pronounce, as he has done frequently recently, that Hillary Clinton does not have the “stamina” to be president. That suggestion cannot be interpreted in any other way than “she’s a woman, she can’t hold up like a man”.

No other way.

It’s not only insulting, it’s foolish. With the wealth of real opportunities he has to attack Secretary Clinton on her many political weaknesses, he’s chosen an avenue of innuendo and insinuation that is sure to turn off all but the most rabid of his supporters (cue Rudy Giuliani and Sean Hannity).

The attack doesn’t just make him look desperate.

It makes him look weak.

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