With a click of the wrist


Words that usually make you sigh:  “It’s always something”.

Who knows when it happened, or what caused it.  Perhaps it was during my extended tennis play recently, back on three days a week and usually four sets each day.  Maybe it was working out on the Bowflex, bad form or advancing too soon to a higher resistance.  It could simply be caused by the traditional and more common reason of too much time on the computer.

Whatever the origin, I am struggling these days with an aching left wrist.  For you righties out there, as a lefty, I have always used my left hand to operate the mouse (exceptionally helpful during years of financial analysis, since I could use my right hand on the numeric keypad on the keyboard at the same time).  While I still don’t know if overuse is the reason, there’s no denying the mouse use is exacerbating the discomfort right now.

I’m not ready to commit to a full carpal tunnel diagnosis, but the throbbing is severe enough to make me switch the mouse to the right hand and significantly impede my typing.  Not so much speed as endurance.  The wrist gets tired quickly and starts barking at me, distracting my concentration.

It’s not a major issue on mini-projects such as these blog posts or even the book trailer work (although, I note that the condition seemed to occur right after an extended period of working on the computer, designing and refining the graphics in the “mock-up”).  But it sure has me somewhat bedeviled at longer prose pieces like, say, a second book in a trilogy.

I’m taking the attitude that some added rest and shift to more right-handed activities (of which there are few for me…I’m about a 99.5% lefty) will be all that’s needed for the tendons or muscles to quiet down.  Well, rest of everything but tennis.  I’m not giving that up while the weather (and my physical capabilities) allow.  I’ll just flatten the serve a bit more and concentrate on cleaner swings for a while.

I suppose I can simply add it to the list of “never before” physical conversations I’ve been having with my body as it apparently attempts to convince me I’m simply not as young as I act.  To this point, my body has not put up enough of an argument to swing me over to that side.  I’m sure that’s just a matter of time…after all, it is my body and I know how stubborn I am.

Sigh.  It’s always something.

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