Another foray into the never-ending battle between my and today’s technology.  Read on…

I get it.  Really, I do.  You have to keep buying the new stuff because…well…it’s the new stuff.  And I do buy it.  Really, I do.  I just don’t buy it as quickly as everyone else.

I’ve already detailed how others have been trying to speed up my acceptance (and ownership) of “new” technology.  That’s almost an oxymoron, isn’t it?  “New” technology has such a short shelf life it’s almost silly to use the adjective.

The natural progression from garage door openers to TV remote controls to cordless telephones continues with all manner of home electronics.  A friend of mine got me a bluetooth a couple of years ago which now makes the cordless (cell) phones even more cordless…you don’t even need the phone anymore!  And when I got my last car, it had the keyless entry with remote starting of the engine (really nice when coming back from golfing to a black car sitting in the Florida sun).

When I picked up a new home theater system a good while ago, I went with wireless speakers.  Not having the ambition to lay track or pull up carpet to hide rear speaker wires, the wireless concept appealed to me.  At the time of my big upgrade in TV and sound system about a year and a half ago, I went with the wireless concept once again.  They work flawlessly and I am much pleased.

I had been using wireless mice for years, both with my desktop and my laptop and I loved them.  So it was without concern that when I upgraded m computer last year that I chose to go with a wireless keyboard as well.   I was constantly bedeviled by that keyboard cord tangling in the monitor or the speakers or just whatever it could snake around.

Upon further review…not so much.  The keyboard has some annoying tendencies which I totally attribute to its wireless nature (as opposed to, say, it being a defective keyboard).

The most annoying issue is the tendency for the keyboard to “miss” keystrokes as I type.  Predominantly, this happens as my speed increases (I probably top out at about 55 words per minute, so it’s not like I’m blazing).  It can be spaces, letters or return carriages.  Having that happen while typing is like dropping a baton in a relay, it totally stops your momentum.

Another issue that crops up is the exact opposite.  Sometimes the keyboard will multiply my keystroke by four or five.  Suddenly, my space bar is five spaces wide; randomly, a word will suddenly multiply a letter.  Ack!

Ok, so the keyboard isn’t the best wireless item, but wireless is still the way to go right?  I mean, my successes outnumber my failures two-to-one.

Not so fast, bunky.

When I got my new computer, I moved my old one into the bedroom.  While I don’t have a TV in there, I figured I could use the old computer (which has a DVD drive) and its HD monitor to watch something if I so desired.  Plus, being on a (wait for it) wireless home network, I could browse the net from my bed using my (wait for it) wireless mouse.

Except, my earphones cord didn’t reach that far and even if it did, it would likely get all tangled (not unlike a certain keyboard cord).  I decided to head out and buy a set of wireless headphones to complete the transition.

Easy to set up (gotta love USB), I eagerly flipped over to YouTube to try a couple of videos.  They sounded like they were coming from Mars.  Hmm.  Let me try a song from my music library.  Ugh.  If I had the top down doing 80 I bet I could hear better.  Uh oh.

Changing the broadcast channel of the headphones didn’t have any impact.  Moving the base set didn’t help much (the USB cord wasn’t THAT long).  Well, that’s just crummy.

Of course, I returned the headphones (full refund, thank you) and resigned myself to either using the speakers when needed or simply not viewing much on the computer.  And thus do I stand with ambivalent feelings over my wireless adventures.  If anything, I seem to be on a down swing, since I started off with great success and my past two trials have been disappointing.

On the plus side, I can’t think of anything else in the house I can “make” wireless.  Although, if someone came up with a way to get the grill running while sitting on the couch…

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