Wireless begone!


Alternatively, this post could have been called “Son of Wireless” or “Wireless, the Sequel” since it’s a direct descendent of my post much earlier this year.  You probably should read that one first, so go now, before it’s too late:(http://jeffreymdaniels.com/blog/?p=717).

Digression:  Yes, I finally started adding the actual link to the blog post.  I realize how incredibly tedious (not to mention backwards) it was for me to tell you to read an old postand then make you look up the post yourself!  D’oh!  So, henceforth, I’ll include the hyperlink.  Ten lashes with a wet USB cord for me.  End digression.

I finally caved.  It was just too much.

That darn wireless keyboard was driving me in-sane!  Missing key strokes, multiplying key strokes, not registering at all.  Forget it!  Done!  Gone!

The most problematic issue with the keyboard came while I was transcribing the book from my writing pads to the word processor.  When I’m typing the book, especially as I get enveloped in the tale, my typing speed picks up and the only thing that can cause me angst is not seeing what I type appear on the page.

It’s really quite amazing.  Although I am no home row typist, when I am going “good”, I can type without looking at the keys, even though I am using only about three fingers on each hand.  I guess typing for over 40 years builds up some memory of where those fingers should go.  But it’s a rhythm thing.  The more mistakes I see on the page, the less efficient my “Jedi typing” becomes.  And the wireless keyboard was my Darth Vader.

So, while I was out shopping at Wal-Mart for the usual Wal-Martian stuff, I stopped by the electronics area and picked me up a nice, friendly Logitech USB wired keyboard.  Today was the first day I used it at full speed.  Ah.  My gosh, that was wonderful.  I got three chapters in and would have still been going but for the twin distractions of a grumbling tummy and getting a darned blog post up after a two-day hiatus.

Why the hiatus?  Well, for that, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, for the next two posts are reserved for our monthly installments of “Miss Communication” and “Out on a Limb”.  But don’t worry, fearless readers, you’ll read that tale soon enough.

I’m totally pumped and raring to go.  No doubt about it, I’m wired up!

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