Wind me up

wind me up2Sometimes I’m just out of my mind.

There are times when I have laser-like focus and other times I’m totally empty-headed.  Then there are times where it’s out of my control and weirdness ensues.

Ostensibly (yeah, I didn’t need to use it, I just felt like it), I go walking to clear my head and unwind from the myriad thoughts swirling between my ears.  The reality is almost always different.

For example, on a walk this week, I saw an empty plastic bottle laying haphazardly in the grass next to the sidewalk.  Immediately, the thought “Don’t be a litterbug” jumped to the fore.

Now, that should have been it and I should have continued the rest of my walk undisturbed.  Except, of course, my mind just might be disturbed.

In half a heartbeat, one of my personal commandments followed: “Thou shalt not be judgmental” (hey, the top 10 were already taken).

So, for the next five minutes, my mind played out various scenarios for that lonely plastic bottle that didn’t involve a litterbug.  As in:

– Fell off a garbage truck as it rode by (it was garbage pickup day)

– Slipped out of a school kid’s backpack

– Wind blew it over from someone’s recycle bin

And a few more just to round out the mental exercise.

Don’t ask me why.  It’s a silly plastic bottle on the grass.  See it, acknowledge it, move on.

Nah, not when my mind is winding like that.  Eventually, I got over it and went on to think of other things.

Until I later saw another plastic bottle, this one with a dent in it.  Oh, the things my mind created for that one!