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Those of you who recognize the picture at left (no, not Gary Coleman…don’t be cute) will get the headline reference.

Those of you who do not, well, you have two options:  Look up “Twiki” in your favorite search engine or simply chalk up the reference to an overexposure to geekiness as a youth.

I was chatting with some Facebookers the other day and explaining to them that I was not “that” Jeffrey Daniels.  One person described me as a “famous author” and I had to properly decline the compliment on the grounds of honesty.

I said not only was I not the famous guy, I didn’t even have my own Wikipedia entry.  One person asked how exactly you get a Wikipedia entry and frankly, I had no clue.

I assume these things happen by some magical formula.  Once a person, place or thing becomes popular enough, I suppose an entry finds its way into Wikipedia.  I don’t know if this popularity is determined by web searches or simply “copying” traditional encyclopedia entries, but somehow this giant website gets loaded with freely accessible info.

I think it’s great!  I’ve used Wikipedia dozens of times as a starting point for some item of interest.  Like any source of information, it’s a good idea to use more than one source for your research, but just the presence of such an odd and wonderful idea as Wikipedia is a delight.

Considering the blinding speed with which society is transitioning to online reading and researching, it’s become a more relevant measure of the popularity, if not significance, of anything by the amount of web space devoted to it.

I’m looking forward to the day when my books generate enough excitement that there’s a crushing demand for Wikipedia to add me to their bloated catalog of knowledge.  Heck, they can even cull this website for real insight about me for the entry…as long as there is attribution.  I’m sure I’ve got an “all rights reserved” lurking somewhere on the page you’re viewing.

Then, I’ll be “that” Jeffrey Daniels!

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  1. Ozarkmark

    Aww Crap! I wrote 4 paragraphs (with HTML markups) about Wiki and they disappeared in one erroneous keystroke.


    Where is a Keystroke logger when you need one? sigh Maybe I will get the gumption to re-write it some other time. NOT!

    In the meantime, if you would like to know how many edits have been made on a particular topic, like Wii, check out the Wikipedia page version checker at:

    Note:(keyword Wii takes over 1 minute to track 20,000+ edits)
    Wii edit count


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