Why you gotta say that?


I give Trump a lot of credit in this blog. Granted, a lot of it is for bad things, but today I’m talking about good things. Really. He does deserve credit and sometimes doesn’t get it. But, I have to give him credit for that, too. Because, stuff he says makes me scratch my head and wonder, “Why you gotta say that?”

The U.S. economy is booming. Corporate profits are up, stock markets are up and employment is up. And now, even wages are starting to move up. Quibblers will want to point to all the years that Obama was building back the economy, but Trump could have wrecked it and he’s actually grown it.

But (you knew there was a “but”), Trump can’t leave it there. For some reason (no psychoanalysis today, sorry), he is unable to make a statement about his accomplishments alone. He either (a) exaggerates beyond reason or (b) attempts to tear down the accomplishments of others. It’s the stuff that makes me constantly groan and ask “Why you gotta say that?”

Some recent examples…

Gross Domestic Product

The GDP is basically everything a country produces. Goods, services…everything. You will often hear people mentioning “GDP growth”. That’s just the percent our economy is growing.

In 2017, our GDP was $19.4 trillion (lots of zeroes!). That makes us the largest economy on the planet (we’re #1!).

Because of a healthy inherited economy and a number of pro-business legislative and regulatory decisions, the economy is growing even faster under Trump.

But (there’s that word again), instead of simply accepting the praise for a great job, Trump issued this comment: “The GDP Rate (4.2%) is higher than the Unemployment Rate (3.9%) for the first time in over 100 years!”

Why you gotta say that?

It was only 2006 the last time the GDP was higher than the unemployment rate. That’s 12 years. Not 100.

Instead of taking a deserved applause for a hot economy, he spent another day being accused of either sloppiness or lying.

Job Growth

Incredibly, the economy keeps adding a whole bunch of jobs. Despite thinking it should be reaching “full employment”, companies are still hiring at a robust rate.

This is a more impressive situation than people realize on first blush. To keep adding jobs at such a high rate in an already high employment level is worthy of taking a bow.

But, Trump had this to say, “We have added 3.7 million new jobs since the election, a number that is unthinkable if you go back to the campaign.”

Why you gotta say that?

Instead of taking credit for continuing great job growth against tougher comparisons, he left himself open to this “unthinkable” statistic: in the equivalent 19 months previous to his taking office, under Obama, 3.9 million new jobs were created.


The unemployment rate, thanks to all those jobs being added over the last 9 years, is down to a friendly 3.9%. That is exceptional. It’s a number that should warm supporters and non-supporters alike.

Trump should be proud. He deserves credit for continuing, and even accelerating, U.S. growth and employment.

But, Trump asked for his credit this way, “Great financial numbers being announced on an almost daily basis. Economy has never been better, jobs at best point in history.”

Why you gotta say that?

Never been better? Best in history? Not even close.

Why, in just 1997, the GDP growth was 4% a year (not just one quarter) for 4 straight years! And in just 2000, the unemployment rate was at 3.8%.

It’s consistent across other aspects of Trump’s job functions and ensuing statements. Always success, Always record-breaking. Easily disproven by even the simplest Google search.

That’s not even touching on some of the more reprehensible ways Trump attempts to defend his record.

All in all, even when he deserves credit, Trump is frustrated by his own personal foibles. Those particular traits that control his statements and leave many people wondering, “Why you gotta say that?”

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