Why so fast?


why so fastLife’s too short.  No time to waste.  The clock is ticking.  Seize the day.

The world is obsessed with speed.  It’s as if there is a belief that days are minutes and years are hours.  It’s as if people can’t see that they have a whole life ahead of them.

The obsession manifests everywhere.  Why isn’t the speedy checkout more speedy?  Is that the first time that person has ever used an ATM?  Can’t you see the light is green?

Everywhere people are rushing from one place to the next.  One meeting to the next.  One call to the next.  Can’t slow down…have to hurry.

It’s stress and it’s killing you.  50% faster than those escaping the obsession.  The speeding from one thing to the next in order to reduce your stress is having the opposite effect.  It’s stressing you out and becoming a self-fulfilling problem.

Live like there’s no tomorrow.  Time waits for no man.  Life in the fast lane.

The need to slow down is everywhere.  I see it most clearly every day on my walk.  Cars racing past me, speeding well over the limits in the effort to reach the next stop sign or traffic light.  Rushed.  Impatient.  Distracted.

Most disturbing is the recklessness around school zones.  As if these small, few hundred foot zones and 40-50 seconds are such an affront to the need for speed that the drivers will blast off as soon as they see the “end school zone” sign.

Here’s something to consider:  100 children die every year in school zone accidents.  100 kids who actually won’t have a tomorrow; whose lives were too short.

Why so fast?

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